Upgrading an improved instrument cluster for E30

A great way to improve your car’s interior, while retaining a stock look is to make retrofittings and OEM style upgrades. These installations are the ones your friend will never know apart from the factory look. One of these upgrades is the instrument cluster. I wanted more sporty interior look, thus I started looking for M3 style instrument cluster, which would be compatible with V8 tacho. Also wanted to upgrade both speedometer and tacho readings up to 280km/h and 8000rpm, respectively.

German company called Maustech was selling a suitable instrument cluster for V8 swaps. It is imitating the stock M3 looks with customizable options to both dials. The cluster is displaying an oil temp instead of fuel consumption. The temperature sensor is included, and can be installed into the oil sump pan. Instrument cluster was a perfect fit, no hassle whatsoever.

Maustech instrument cluster for a V8 engine with 280km/h and 8000rpm readings.
Stock E30 instrument cluster before modifications.
Instrument cluster for E30 with 280km/h speedometer, 8000rpm tacho and oil temp.

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