Oh Mighty V8, my New Black

Thanks to climate change and ever tightening CO emissions, almost every new car has a turbocharger of some sort. Well, this is understandable, thus car factories must improve engine efficiency, reduce fuel consumption and co-emissions. Turbocharger is a well suited component for any combustion engine, a pure necessity to tackle CO emissions and climate change. And that’s a great thing for our friend earth.

I was very interested in to build turbocharged engines in year 2000, 19 years ago. It was a time, when turbocharging an engine was an accomplishment. It was something that was not common, or standard. There was a lack of information, the first affordable aftermarket ECU’s were just about to roll out soon. Noways – it is just too easy to turbocharge any modern 4-cylinder valve engine. People don’t get interested anymore, if you start turbocharging an M50 or M52 BMW engine. It is just another turbo build on a discussion forum. 400, 500 or 600 hp – nobody cares.

My daily commuter has two turbochargers, too. It should provide enough excitement. But like other modern cars, it is heavy and sterile, although being one of the best rear wheel drive BMW diesels ever built, a mighty 335d. But still, it doesn’t quite have that immediate feel of road. A good car for commuting, but not for a car enthusiast.

In 2015, after having three cabriolets as my summer cars, it was a time to get back to 2D saloon. I just lost my interest in cabriolets. This time I shall find something new and exciting, so I started looking for E30 saloons. Oh boy, it was an immediate love at first sight, when I saw an advertisement of Alpine White 325i M-tech with V8 engine. The idea of V8 in E30 was something sexy, as was turbocharging and cabriolets before, a taste of exclusivity. Again a purchase I could not reason, a decision based solely to my feelings. You know, this bimmer was one of those must-have investments. Have not been regretting it, since the prices of good individuals have increased in past four years approx. 30-50%

325i M-technic 2 with M60 V8 engine.

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